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Choose to work with Best Option Restoration of West Phoenix, a Phoenix-area company specializing in addressing damage caused by fire, water, mold, storms, and other disasters. We start with a complete audit and report, which details the level of damage, and create a comprehensive plan to clean and secure the area. Our services minimize the downtime where you don’t have access to the property. With the proper training, personnel, and equipment, we can help you overcome virtually any disaster. 

Types of Damage Where You Need a Phoenix Restoration Company

Fire Damage 

Whether it’s a hot Phoenix day or a short in your wiring system, fire damage can be devastating to your business or property. Some of the effects of fire, smoke, and soot damage include:


Fire can also cause damage to furniture, carpet, and personnel effects. Connected buildings or outbuildings can also be damaged by the heat. 

Water Damage

Water damage may occur from an occasional storm or from a break in a pipe on a property. When a plumbing system malfunctions, an HVAC system leaks, or water builds up in a space like a basement or a crawl space, you will have a flood on your hands. Water damage can cause wood to rot, damage, and fall apart. When wood gets wet and dries repeatedly, it can become brittle and fall apart. Mold can also set in, which leads to health risks. 

Mold Damage

Mold is caused by excessive moisture from either flooding, leaking pipes, humidity, and damage to a building’s foundation. Mold poses serious health risks, leading to respiratory infections, asthma irritation, and difficulty breathing. It also damages the structural integrity of your home. 

Restoration Services For Phoenix, AZ

Water damage restoration services

As your water damage restoration company, Best Option Restoration of West Phoenix will start with a complete and comprehensive inspection of your damage. We focus on removing water, drying the area with commercial equipment, making sure mold growth hasn’t started, and restoring the interior and exterior of the structure. 

Fire damage restoration services

After the fire is put out, the Best Option Restoration of West Phoenix fire damage team gets to work. We’ll make sure the area is free and clear of water and extinguishing chemicals, secure the structure to prevent looting and trespassing, and sanitize the building, removing damaged personal effects. 

Smoke and soot may have built up in structural areas of the building. Any damaged structural components of a building will be repaired or replaced. 

Other damage restoration services

In addition to water, fire, and mold damage restoration, we can also make sure that personal effects, such as furniture, are restored. Some items can be cleaned, dried, sanitized, and then refinished. We also can repair buildings that are damaged by storms. We even have a commercial division to react quickly to businesses that encounter a disaster. 

Work with Best Option Restoration of West Phoenix 

We are your best option for damage restoration services in the Greater Phoenix area. We can help you with any form of damage, whether you are an individual or a business. Give us a call for a quote today. We will respond 24/7 and have teams on the scene quickly. 

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Best Option Restoration of West Phoenix is committed to serving you and your loved ones no matter the disaster. Our team is chalked with experience, knowledge, and the equipment necessary to make sure your home is left restored.


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