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When mold spores land on a surface where moisture is present, mold may then start to grow. Growing mold may damage the surfaces it breeds on and can threaten the structure of your home. In addition to your home, certain molds have been linked to serious health conditions. Mold remediation requires specialized knowledge and equipment that most general contractors are not qualified to perform. Best Option Restoration of West Phoenix in Goodyear is certified to deal with potentially hazardous molds that could be causing you harm.

Mold and Mildew Cleanup and Removal

Mold is a serious and severe issue that can cause more destruction than you may realize. Not only does it damage building materials, furnishings, finishes, and wood structures, mold has also been linked to health issues like asthma or weakened immune systems in humans as well as animals. In fact – just one square inch of mold growth contains up to 1 million tiny spores, which have the potential to be toxic. Don't let your space become susceptible to these hazardous effects - protect yourself by guarding against mold today.

If your home or business requires mold removal, the certified professionals at Best Option Restoration of West Phoenix have you covered. With their specialized training and expertise, they are adept in safely removing mold from residential and commercial properties and preventing its reoccurrence throughout the greater Phoenix area.


At times, mold can be detected by sight. But in other cases, it may not be visible, and only a musty odor is present. Even if neither of these is noticed, people living in the house might still experience their own health issues, such as sneezing or coughing spells, skin rash; worsening asthma symptoms, and even more severe illnesses due to an allergic reaction to the mold growth. Therefore, it's essential to determine whether hidden mold is present that requires remediation before further harm can occur.

To ensure the full extent of damage is assessed, it's recommended to have a professional make an inspection. However, testing for mold may be an expensive and unnecessary expense since there are no defined "acceptable" indoor levels of mold present. Rather than wasting resources on tests that don't provide additional value, redirect your funds towards remediating any current issues with mold.

Though you might be inclined to handle the mold damage yourself, it is worth bringing in a professional like Best Option Restoration of West Phoenix, as they can provide insight into how significant the issue actually is. Mold typically resides in hard-to-reach dark spaces such as wall boards, ducts, and crawlspaces. But luckily for you, the technicians at Best Option Restoration of West Phoenix have the experience and expertise to identify what's going on beneath the surface so that your home restoration can go off without a hitch.


Seeing mold is only the tip of the iceberg; you must identify and resolve its source to truly address your problem. The moisture that facilitates mold growth could come from many places, including damaged or leaking pipes, broken seals, and faulty connections for appliances like refrigerators and washing machines, irrigation systems, or air conditioners. If this root cause isn't eliminated entirely, it won't take long until your issue recurs again. Whether it be due to heavy rainfall, a snowstorm, or any other element of mother nature, Mold can quickly form in your home. To ensure that the source is uncovered with precision and accuracy, our West Phoenix Best Option Restoration of West Phoenix technicians have you covered. They will locate the origin of the mold first and foremost before taking further action.

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After pinpointing the initial cause, or causes, of mold growth and water damage in your home, we locate all spaces that have been impacted. To completely resolve this issue for good, either we must remove any affected areas followed by proper disposal or use industrial-strength products accepted by the AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association), CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).


At Best Option Restoration of West Phoenix, we are certified in mold remediation and comply with the stringent standards established by industry agencies. The safety of people and animals within your home or business is our top priority; therefore, we use only the latest scientific research-backed methods to ensure a safe environment free from potential harm during mold removal.

Best Option Restoration of West Phoenix SAVES YOU TIME

While you might think that trying to clean up the mold on your own is more cost-efficient than hiring a professional, it's actually more expensive in the long run. Household cleaning agents cannot completely eradicate all of the mold spores since they lack 100% effectiveness, plus identifying and resolving the source of moisture is often problematic. Undetected or hard-to-access areas with mold damage will likely go unnoticed, leading to persistent issues that require continuous purchases of different and possibly hazardous chemicals for remediation efforts.

For rapid, reliable restoration in West Phoenix, look no further than Best Option Restoration of West Phoenix. Our certified technicians are armed with the latest equipment and chemicals to quickly investigate and identify mold sources as well as affected areas for removal or replacement. We guarantee our work will be completed faster than any DIY solution you might attempt -- plus we'll provide helpful tips on how to prevent future mold growth.

Take care of the health and well-being of your family, and save yourself time and energy by getting in touch with us if you have any mold or mildew damage at home or work. We are available 24/7 to assist you.


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